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Blaming mortgage brokers is much too simplistic

As the criticism showers down on the mortgage industry, it seems the broker is increasingly being held accountable for the ruinous practices that destroyed mortgage lending and led to the current financial chaos. This conclusion has laid the mortgage broker business to waste with many of them out of business and the few that are […]

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Our National Debt payment intentions

Eleven trillion and climbing at a pace that is frightening. I wonder if we really have the true intention of paying it all back as envisioned by our creditors. This is considering the fact that we have shown nothing but trivial efforts in this regard for decades. We keep adding to it by continuing to […]

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What has happened to us in America

America became the envy of the world – the shining city on the hill. It became the greatest economic miracle the planet has ever seen. We worked diligently upon arriving, expected nothing from others, fought wars, and continued on with the daily struggle. We strived together, gave of ourselves generously, and put forth all the […]

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Government outrage instead of accountability

All the stories of corporate pay packages, offsite conferences, bonuses, and office redecorations can be quite infuriating. It is a challenging time in America where so much wealth has been erased in the form of retirement savings and home values. People are hurting and they want answers as to why this happened, and they definitely […]

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Mortgage Cramdowns versus contractual rights

Congress is currently considering legislation that will allow borrowers in Chapter 13 bankruptcy to have the court modify their loan by changing the terms or by lowering the principal amount down to the current market value. This is just inherently wrong. It is just another example of our entitled society not having to be responsible […]

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Illegal immigration without the “illegal” is fine

There are several names used that refer to those that migrate to the United States without legal authorization. Many of these are chosen to purposely lessen or divert attention from the reality that they are here illegally. The most popular names typically used in reference to these people include migrant workers, undocumented workers, non-citizens, or […]

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The stroke of a Presidential pen

The national debt, yearly budget deficits, and the constant inability of the Federal Government to manage the country’s business in an optimal, responsible manner can all be fixed with a Presidential pen. This can be done with an amendment to the Constitution stating that in federal elections the vote shall be weighted according to the […]

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Mortgage availability will hold key to housing

One of the most important determinants in establishing a bottom and bringing strength back to real estate will be the return of a dynamic mortgage market. Real estate is not typically purchased with cash even though this occasionally happens. The tight underwriting standards that are being applied are making it extremely difficult to secure a […]

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Fair: It comes around once a year and you pay for admission

The word fair is regularly cited throughout our society as if it is a fundamental right, and as such, must be experienced at all times. We somehow think that everything in life should be judged according to whether it is fair, and if deemed otherwise, then it should be changed with expectation it will turn […]

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Depleted Government: It is our mirror image

Hardly a day passes that we Americans do not think or hear about how our Government has deteriorated into an inept, immoral, self-serving morass. The following quote spoken over 130 years ago should provide some insight as to its origin. …”the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, […]

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