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America’s decline will persist from denial and apathy

It is very hard to fathom that there are people who still feel that America’s best days are ahead. It is easy to quote all the statistics about how we still are a superior manufacturer in specific industries, or how America is a leader in creating jobs, or any other host of selected facts and […]

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The true torture is our own condemnation

Washington D.C. is ablaze right now over what constitutes torture or enhanced interrogation techniques, and who knew what, when they knew it, and who gave the needed approvals to proceed forward. All this Monday morning quarterbacking about what was done over the years in a post Sept. 11th world and what is the agreed upon […]

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Tax increases to be paid by others

It is a strange nation that we live in where there is no shortage of opinions stating that taxes should be increased instead of reducing spending, yet those that opine to such never take it upon themselves to set an example by including a “donation” in addition to their computed taxes owed on their 1040s. […]

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Religion should be cherished in America

I do not think there is much use in debating the importance of religion in the history of our nation, for this becomes extremely obvious by reading any of our founding documents or by the countless references, images, and quotes used throughout our history. Religious principles have been ingrained in our society since its founding […]

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Nationalizing banks is merely semantics

Toward the end of 2008 the Government swooped in and established equity stakes in the banks, some of them welcoming the action while others simply acquiesced to effectively endorse the proposal. The original plan advanced was to buy toxic assets from the bank portfolios, but that was soon abandoned in favor of equity investments in […]

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Bank losses using an orderly approach

It is without much doubt that banks throughout the world gorged on risky assets for years thinking that the increased revenue at the time would be worth bearing the extra risk. It became readily apparent that this was a huge mistake on a global scale. Upon this recognition from the public it became evident that […]

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A maritime riddle

Let’s say you have four Somali pirates in a rowboat holding an American hostage for ransom 125 miles out at sea. They are encircled by the world’s most powerful Navy in a standoff that is now reached into its fourth day. It is further known that the chosen course of action has been to negotiate […]

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The mythical corporate tax

It has always struck me as very peculiar that the public seems to enjoy it when taxes are raised on corporations instead of individuals. You can almost hear the sounds of delight, the cheering that is associated with the thought that those fat-cats can afford it, and feeling that they earn so much money they […]

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Immigration reform legitimizes misdeeds

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is the rallying cry constantly being repeated by supporters of the illegal immigration movement. It is their retort to any logical argument presented during a discussion, stating it repetitively as if being compensated based on the number of times expressed. Their opinions should be discounted because their entire case is based on […]

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Our careless deficit spending attitude

It is hard to believe that an estimated $1.4 trillion deficit for Fiscal year 2010 along with trillions more in subsequent years is being proposed as if it should be even remotely acceptable. The popular position lately has been that we must take this action to save ourselves, and there are no other options being […]

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