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Could investing for retirement backfire?

I have been thinking recently about social security and what actions the Government might take to solve the impending crisis. Some very strong measures must be taken simply because the United States can not afford to administer this program by increasing the national debt to any greater extent than what is already projected. The solution […]

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State rights were originally provided

We are living in a time where the Federal Government is expanding its footprint with an arrogance that may never have been witnessed before on this scale. The Administration and Congress feel emboldened by their implied mandate from the people for change, and that change is being brought in a flurry of initiatives with total […]

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Contemporary America is…

A Federal Constitutional Republic that is maintained by occasionally reflecting on the Constitution while subjectively disregarding it as needed to facilitate the specific agendas of elected officials serving their own best interest. A place where you are permitted to be successful provided you share an ever-increasing amount of that success with the masses of people […]

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Philosophy of Government

There are basically two conflicting beliefs in our country and whichever one prevails will determine the future path for our nation for better or worse. Forget about the rich and the poor, republicans and democrats, young and old, the real clash boils down to the most basic philosophy of Government and its purpose. There are […]

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Congressional term limits would be beneficial

For a long time I did not fully agree with the thought that there should be term limits for Congress even as it was discussed as a solution to the ills of this institution. It seemed obvious to me that term limits already existed for all intents and purposes because voters can always vote their […]

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A creditor’s rights are the same as our own

Every American should be extremely disgusted with the tyrannical actions that have transpired regarding Chrysler with our Government browbeating some of its creditors into submission. They publicly chastised a group of creditors that had a right, in fact a fiduciary duty, to protect the value of their investments in Chrysler for the benefit of their […]

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The mortgage tragedy veiled some benefits

The anger of America and the world has showered down on the mortgage business and the practices used over the last few years that led to so much damage. The toll for the irresponsible lending from all participants will be felt for years to come. It has become very easy to focus on the negative […]

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To borrow or print money for excessive spending

In an attempt to kick-start our struggling economy that has been suffering from this formidable global slump, our Government has been pumping money into the system relentlessly with no end in sight. To accommodate this spending debauchery they are embarking on a program of borrowing and of printing money in some coordinated effort to cover […]

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