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Our foolish faith in Government

We are living in a very unusual time in our nation, a time where it appears that our people have become a bit too comfortable with the overt intervention of our national Government in the free market. This marketplace should be free to succeed and free to fail thus assuring success through a healthy dose […]

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The organized and socialized better realize

I should not take a genius to realize why Unions have been losing their grip over the last several decades, it just happens to line up nicely with the increase of foreign presence in our markets. This phenomenon has not been a friendly trend for Unions because it has brought inexpensive alternatives courtesy of lower-cost […]

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Divided and conquered

Our population seems so engrossed with fighting each other that we are not keeping our eye on the true scoundrel which is our Government that is undermining each and every one of us for their own benefit. This is not a rich versus poor, republican versus democrat, conservative versus liberal, old versus young, business versus […]

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The California sidestep

The political wrangling continues in California while the Legislature fails to tackle its $24 billion deficit, all of their energy seems to be concentrated on circumventing the obvious choice of reducing spending. The voters sent a clear message to state officials with the ballot initiatives they struck down back in May. Their message was for […]

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