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Corrupt Government is the true evil

The world is so eager to write off capitalism and free markets as the root of all evil proclaiming that it fosters greed at the expense of the common people. It supposedly gives license to the wealthy to plunder and pillage society at will in the unchecked pursuit of their own interests. Many believe this […]

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Capitalism has not failed

As the grasp of governmental control has become more extensive consequently resulting in the gradual erosion of our freedom, it has become essential for elected officials to manage the blame game. Being able to assign and advance the assessment of blame has allowed the Government its opportunity to absolve itself of any wrongdoing while simultaneously […]

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From better to worse

All around the world today people are increasingly looking to their Government to take care of them, to provide for their existence and secure their futures. This trend has really been gaining steam here in the United States in recent years as we seem all but destined to join the majority of other nations. The […]

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