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Quality health care for America

Could it be that Americans are unfairly criticizing the recently passed health care legislation in the House of Representatives? Is there any doubt that the optimal health of each and every American is the utmost concern of our elected officials? Are we letting negative assessments cloud our judgment regarding the altruistic intentions of our leaders […]

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Health care can not be a right

Health care can not possibly be a right in our society unless it is considered acceptable to retract the rights of others to pursue their own livelihoods. Typically, health care being a right is an assertion that usually follows any discussion about one’s ability to pay for such services. For one citizen to believe that […]

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Socialism by default

Socialism may very well arrive in our nation by the simple annexing of private industry incrementally using the disingenuous ploy of supposedly “saving” us from economic disaster, but it may be more likely to arrive with a sudden crash provoked by bad public policy that conveniently creates an unforeseen emergency. Upon its advent, it will […]

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