I am an individual with very straightforward viewpoints. My background after high school began with serving several years in the military. During active duty and subsequent years following separation, I pursued my education resulting in the completion of an MBA with a concentration in finance. With a degree in hand, I entered the mortgage business and worked at a couple of firms over the years. My career focus was more financial in nature as opposed to being a broker, loan officer, or sales executive that many have come to associate with mortgage companies. This provided me with a unique position to gain extensive knowledge of all aspects of the mortgage business, and to witness the destructive forces that evolved which lead to this calamity currently gripping the financial markets.

Through the years, I have also been an individual investor that began with mutual funds and then graduated into specific stocks once my comfort level and portfolio allowed. Researching and buying investments has always been something that I have enjoyed. However, it has been very difficult to be successful during this time when the environment has been so unfriendly to investing.

This leads me to the purpose of writing here. I have come to realize the sheer amount of dishonesty and misinformation that are put upon us daily. Many of the problems that first developed in the mortgage industry that infected all financial markets, as well as the banking and housing industries, are being debated and becoming politicized. This blog gives me a place to voice an opinion based on a conservative, logical, and common sense point of view in a world that seems to have so little of it. Topics covered may be related to the economy, mortgage, housing, investing, and politics that seem ever more intrusive these days through attempts to solve problems by creating more of them.

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