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Disparate results promote a nation’s excellence

The pursuit of ideals such as social justice as a political objective completely discounts the contribution afforded by disparate results among members of society. It is through these contrasting outcomes of success or failure that serve to drive and inspire greater efforts in the future. If a citizen perceives their result as inferior to another, […]

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The social justice masquerade

The concept of social justice has been around for quite a while now but it seems to have really gained momentum in our society recently. It has come to my attention so often lately that it has me thinking about what exactly is the objective of someone who touts this initiative. If you generally define […]

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The sales tax holiday zaniness

Just what is it about a sales tax holiday that gets people so excited and willing to get to the stores early and fight the crowds? Why is there even such a crowd to begin with? The reality of this promotion is that it merely saves you 6-10% depending on the state in which you […]

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Incriminating oil speculators

One of the certainties associated within any market over time is that an adverse outcome will inevitably happen that will negatively affect investors as well as the public in varying degrees. Upon this transpiring, the allegations and finger-pointing begin because someone must be held responsible for inflicting such pain and they must be restrained by […]

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Our foolish faith in Government

We are living in a very unusual time in our nation, a time where it appears that our people have become a bit too comfortable with the overt intervention of our national Government in the free market. This marketplace should be free to succeed and free to fail thus assuring success through a healthy dose […]

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The organized and socialized better realize

I should not take a genius to realize why Unions have been losing their grip over the last several decades, it just happens to line up nicely with the increase of foreign presence in our markets. This phenomenon has not been a friendly trend for Unions because it has brought inexpensive alternatives courtesy of lower-cost […]

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Profits are not just about greediness

The economic downturn has become a distressing reality for most people around the globe regardless of their socioeconomic status or nation of citizenship. It has been an equal opportunity decline for everyone across the board in one form or another as trillions of dollars have been wiped from the earth as prosperity has faded and […]

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Could investing for retirement backfire?

I have been thinking recently about social security and what actions the Government might take to solve the impending crisis. Some very strong measures must be taken simply because the United States can not afford to administer this program by increasing the national debt to any greater extent than what is already projected. The solution […]

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Contemporary America is…

A Federal Constitutional Republic that is maintained by occasionally reflecting on the Constitution while subjectively disregarding it as needed to facilitate the specific agendas of elected officials serving their own best interest. A place where you are permitted to be successful provided you share an ever-increasing amount of that success with the masses of people […]

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Tax increases to be paid by others

It is a strange nation that we live in where there is no shortage of opinions stating that taxes should be increased instead of reducing spending, yet those that opine to such never take it upon themselves to set an example by including a “donation” in addition to their computed taxes owed on their 1040s. […]

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