There is a basic sentiment circulating the Occupy Wall Street protest that one percent of the population has done extraordinarily well while the other ninety nine percent has struggled. This may very well be the case, but what is the objective of the protest in this regard because it is not reasonable to think that the wealthy will suddenly show up and distribute their money among the crowd. It seems that the protesting efforts are misplaced and without focus. There is too much energy being expended over how the economic pie was divided and very little attention is being given to finding a way to change that dynamic. It is important to remember that the pie is not a permanently fixed amount, it can be continuously expanded. Focusing on the existing division is basically accepting that all ambition for the future is lost and economic growth is dead forever, therefore everybody should just fight for the remains of yesterday. This notion should be strongly rejected and America needs to get back to the business of creating, innovating, and producing value as a means of attaining prosperity. Through such efforts, capital will start flowing to these new pursuits thus automatically distributing wealth utilizing a more productive process. Value creation will generate new wealth to its creators thereby expanding the economic pie that increasingly makes the current division irrelevant. Spending time and energy protesting how the past has been distributed is a wasted effort that only impedes the imagination of how the future may be altered toward a more favorable outcome. The available wealth in our economy will grow to accommodate all value that is created thereby diluting any current wealth and those who possess it. It would be prudent to realize that stepping into the future while focusing on the past distribution does nothing but guarantee that same result going forward. Changing the future flow of wealth through value creation should be the goal not coveting the wealth of the past.