It boggles the mind to really think about what our Government has become on the most fundamental level. It has evolved into nothing more than a monetary distribution system that benefits some at the expense of others. It seems obvious to any logical thinking person that its function should be to collect revenue from all citizens earning income in order to provide for the common good of all citizens. Somewhere along the line it began to collect an increasing share of revenue from a decreasing segment of the population in order to provide benefits to its chosen groups. Basically, it takes from some to give to others. The Government is collecting an ever-increasing amount of money to compensate and expand itself first and foremost; then choosing how the remainder will be distributed, thus selecting the winners and losers in society by giving preference to one over another. There is so much talk about redistribution of wealth these days, but that has been going on for years. Any time that benefits are provided away from the actual taxpayers, it is a redistribution of wealth, which is tantamount to theft. This is accomplished through a diminishing taxpayer base that shoulders the burden of paying on behalf of all citizens as well as select groups being given preference by our Government. If taxes are not collected broadly to provide broadly, they simply should not be collected, otherwise redistribution results. That means no favors for any select grouping such as, homeowners and not renters, one state and not another, unions benefitting over nonunion, owners of old cars versus new, older people and not younger, or the poor over the rich etc etc. Subscribing to this modern day theft is to assume that our Government bureaucrats are better at allocating financial resources than we the people, and that being after they take their sizable and expanding share to boot.

The Government has ballooned in recent history simply to perpetuate and execute its objective of redistributing money between citizens while its function should be to provide for the common good of all by collecting from all and nothing more. Any policy that diverges from this sole purpose becomes divisive and creates an atmosphere of animosity and distrust from the ones being leaned on so heavily to pay the toll. Plus, there are always the unintended consequences of any Government action or intervention that usually plants the seeds for some future calamity that imposes its damage on society. Fortunately, the current course is not sustainable and it may not be too long before it all collapses back on itself as the payers become overwhelmed by the payees through the expansion of these redistribution efforts, thus becoming a burden for all once again. It will serve as yet another lesson to be ignored by a future ambitious politician vigorously buying votes of the many by promising the money of the few.