It has become all too easy to blame politicians for the condition of our nation, yet we give very little thought to our complicity as citizens considering we are responsible for who attains and retains the offices of our Government. We avert responsibility in favor of expressing platitudes of political corruption as if that is a new development when money and power are at stake. The truth is that we have become an entitled nation that continues to vote for all the big Government offerings with absolute disregard of any financial repercussions. Endless spending seems to rule the day, thus we continue to obstruct any cuts to our budget despite the knowledge that such levels of profligacy are unsustainable. It is absurd that debates regarding the budget have any credibility if cuts to our recent spending binge are not central to the discussion, but this assessment is easily diminished by pretending that taking more money from less people will solve the problem. It makes no sense logically or mathematically that this will even begin to resolve the problem of our spending addiction, yet this charade persists. It serves merely as a distraction giving the impression that a valid proposal is being presented thereby allowing the spending to continue unabated. The unfortunate reality is that too many Americans have come to believe that Government is the first and last answer to everything rather then the problem itself. The American spirit has been steadily eroded through years of created dependency for the sole purpose of political expediency. Self-reliance and responsibility have long been abandoned and it can only be assumed that this reflects our overall character until it changes by way of the voting booth. Americans need to realize that they are responsible for the condition of the nation; politicians simply take advantage of what the electorate will tolerate. The reason for our deterioration becomes obvious for any citizen willing to accept the responsibility of the truth. Government is a self-serving institution whose role in our lives definitely needs to be reevaluated, for we will certainly be held accountable for our actions and the consequences will follow accordingly.