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The problem with America is Americans

It has become all too easy to blame politicians for the condition of our nation, yet we give very little thought to our complicity as citizens considering we are responsible for who attains and retains the offices of our Government. We avert responsibility in favor of expressing platitudes of political corruption as if that is […]

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Averting a looming government default

The public’s mindset right now regarding our fiscal situation is one of anxiety which is being carefully constructed by politicians and the media portraying the absurd notion that without increasing the debt ceiling a default is imminent. There is absolutely nothing further from the truth; in fact it is next to impossible for a default […]

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Acknowledging economic reality

Many people believe that practicing capitalism has failed us in society by bringing hardship upon common people due to the greed of the few that benefited at their expense. This is an economic system that is practiced among citizens and businesses operating in their own interest with the Government intervening through regulation and taxation, but […]

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Our Government distribution system

It boggles the mind to really think about what our Government has become on the most fundamental level. It has evolved into nothing more than a monetary distribution system that benefits some at the expense of others. It seems obvious to any logical thinking person that its function should be to collect revenue from all […]

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Fighting yesterday’s battle

It is a popular activity these days to exchange insults and criticize along partisan lines while jousting about the direction of our nation, but unfortunately that does absolutely nothing to fix the extraordinary problems coming our way. Generally, the exchange centers on justifying the horrendous and destructive agenda of our current Government by pointing to […]

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Socialism by default

Socialism may very well arrive in our nation by the simple annexing of private industry incrementally using the disingenuous ploy of supposedly “saving” us from economic disaster, but it may be more likely to arrive with a sudden crash provoked by bad public policy that conveniently creates an unforeseen emergency. Upon its advent, it will […]

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From better to worse

All around the world today people are increasingly looking to their Government to take care of them, to provide for their existence and secure their futures. This trend has really been gaining steam here in the United States in recent years as we seem all but destined to join the majority of other nations. The […]

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The social justice masquerade

The concept of social justice has been around for quite a while now but it seems to have really gained momentum in our society recently. It has come to my attention so often lately that it has me thinking about what exactly is the objective of someone who touts this initiative. If you generally define […]

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Perspective on paying taxes

The majority of working Americans never have a chance to pay their taxes because they are deducted in advance of their paychecks being received. This is usually the case for everyone except a small percentage of people that are subject to paying estimated taxes through the year or any year-end settlements with the IRS. Being […]

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The bizarre Czar complex

It seems rather astonishing that President Obama has been building an organization of Czars with barely a critical mention of it outside of mild fascination from the public. It is a very suspicious activity in light of the huge Government grab of power and control from us citizens during a time when every issue seems […]

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