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The problem with America is Americans

It has become all too easy to blame politicians for the condition of our nation, yet we give very little thought to our complicity as citizens considering we are responsible for who attains and retains the offices of our Government. We avert responsibility in favor of expressing platitudes of political corruption as if that is […]

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Quality health care for America

Could it be that Americans are unfairly criticizing the recently passed health care legislation in the House of Representatives? Is there any doubt that the optimal health of each and every American is the utmost concern of our elected officials? Are we letting negative assessments cloud our judgment regarding the altruistic intentions of our leaders […]

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Health care can not be a right

Health care can not possibly be a right in our society unless it is considered acceptable to retract the rights of others to pursue their own livelihoods. Typically, health care being a right is an assertion that usually follows any discussion about one’s ability to pay for such services. For one citizen to believe that […]

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The organized and socialized better realize

I should not take a genius to realize why Unions have been losing their grip over the last several decades, it just happens to line up nicely with the increase of foreign presence in our markets. This phenomenon has not been a friendly trend for Unions because it has brought inexpensive alternatives courtesy of lower-cost […]

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