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Obtaining a tax increase without consent

Election success for a politician becomes jeopardized upon the slightest mention of a tax increase due to the simple reason that such a policy seldom receives popular approval, so consequently the inevitable result is to find an alternative strategy to sustain spending. There exists a less painful way to attain the same objective without the […]

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Sanitizing printed money

With all the political discussion right now about the National Debt and the battle concerning the Debt Ceiling, it provides a good time to reflect on a few thoughts regarding deficit spending outlined by the following questions: Q: What is it called when the Government borrows money to cover the excess spending versus the revenue […]

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Resolving the National Debt fiasco

As the National Debt has recently soared past $14.3 trillion, it now seems that some in America are beginning to show a hint of concern while others still appear to have little interest in the matter. The debate is raging about taking concrete steps to reduce this debt as we face yet another increase in […]

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Paying down the National Debt

The mere fact that the United States has such a large National Debt should be a point of shame for all citizens of this nation. We should be embarrassed that we have chosen to live beyond our means for decades with hardly any effort to curb this behavior. To put it simply, this amassed debt […]

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The partisan bipartisan consensus

Another day in the life of Congress leads to another exclusionary discussion regarding an expenditure of somewhere between a trillion or two (who’s counting) in the halls of our illustrious Congress. The absurdity of their ignorance is nothing short of astounding. They are working to saddle the American people with another expense that we simply […]

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Our National Debt payment intentions

Eleven trillion and climbing at a pace that is frightening. I wonder if we really have the true intention of paying it all back as envisioned by our creditors. This is considering the fact that we have shown nothing but trivial efforts in this regard for decades. We keep adding to it by continuing to […]

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