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The problem with America is Americans

It has become all too easy to blame politicians for the condition of our nation, yet we give very little thought to our complicity as citizens considering we are responsible for who attains and retains the offices of our Government. We avert responsibility in favor of expressing platitudes of political corruption as if that is […]

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Corrupt Government is the true evil

The world is so eager to write off capitalism and free markets as the root of all evil proclaiming that it fosters greed at the expense of the common people. It supposedly gives license to the wealthy to plunder and pillage society at will in the unchecked pursuit of their own interests. Many believe this […]

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Contemporary America is…

A Federal Constitutional Republic that is maintained by occasionally reflecting on the Constitution while subjectively disregarding it as needed to facilitate the specific agendas of elected officials serving their own best interest. A place where you are permitted to be successful provided you share an ever-increasing amount of that success with the masses of people […]

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