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Coveting the wealth of another is pointless

There is a basic sentiment circulating the Occupy Wall Street protest that one percent of the population has done extraordinarily well while the other ninety nine percent has struggled. This may very well be the case, but what is the objective of the protest in this regard because it is not reasonable to think that […]

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Obtaining a tax increase without consent

Election success for a politician becomes jeopardized upon the slightest mention of a tax increase due to the simple reason that such a policy seldom receives popular approval, so consequently the inevitable result is to find an alternative strategy to sustain spending. There exists a less painful way to attain the same objective without the […]

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Acknowledging economic reality

Many people believe that practicing capitalism has failed us in society by bringing hardship upon common people due to the greed of the few that benefited at their expense. This is an economic system that is practiced among citizens and businesses operating in their own interest with the Government intervening through regulation and taxation, but […]

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Our Government distribution system

It boggles the mind to really think about what our Government has become on the most fundamental level. It has evolved into nothing more than a monetary distribution system that benefits some at the expense of others. It seems obvious to any logical thinking person that its function should be to collect revenue from all […]

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The social justice masquerade

The concept of social justice has been around for quite a while now but it seems to have really gained momentum in our society recently. It has come to my attention so often lately that it has me thinking about what exactly is the objective of someone who touts this initiative. If you generally define […]

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The mortgage tragedy veiled some benefits

The anger of America and the world has showered down on the mortgage business and the practices used over the last few years that led to so much damage. The toll for the irresponsible lending from all participants will be felt for years to come. It has become very easy to focus on the negative […]

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Tax increases to be paid by others

It is a strange nation that we live in where there is no shortage of opinions stating that taxes should be increased instead of reducing spending, yet those that opine to such never take it upon themselves to set an example by including a “donation” in addition to their computed taxes owed on their 1040s. […]

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