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Obtaining a tax increase without consent

Election success for a politician becomes jeopardized upon the slightest mention of a tax increase due to the simple reason that such a policy seldom receives popular approval, so consequently the inevitable result is to find an alternative strategy to sustain spending. There exists a less painful way to attain the same objective without the […]

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Characterizing the insurance mandate

There has been a lot of public debate lately about having an insurance mandate as part of the health care reform proposal, and the characterization of it has been met with varying opinions. The main disparity is centered on whether this should be considered a tax increase hence breaking the campaign promise of not raising […]

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Assessing Cap and Trade

Once Congress reconvenes in the fall, they will soon start pushing the Cap and Trade bill once again in order to fight the Loch Ness monster of our time known as global warming. Many people will swear it exists, but just as many will deny its presence, and there are scientists on both sides of […]

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The California sidestep

The political wrangling continues in California while the Legislature fails to tackle its $24 billion deficit, all of their energy seems to be concentrated on circumventing the obvious choice of reducing spending. The voters sent a clear message to state officials with the ballot initiatives they struck down back in May. Their message was for […]

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A taxing climate change bill

The so-called Climate Change Bill is currently working its way through Congress having just passed the House by a small margin and now it is off to the Senate for their consideration. Once again, we have another bill that was passed in the House that was not read in its 1500 page entirety including amendments. […]

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Paying as you go should be a given

The Government collects a certain amount of revenue in the form of taxes every year to pay for its existence, yet it customarily spends much more than it collects and nonchalantly finances the difference with hardly a headline. This is an astounding occurrence in that the Government can spend anything it desires and any shortfall […]

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Tax increases to be paid by others

It is a strange nation that we live in where there is no shortage of opinions stating that taxes should be increased instead of reducing spending, yet those that opine to such never take it upon themselves to set an example by including a “donation” in addition to their computed taxes owed on their 1040s. […]

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